Add one more to the many great days ahead. Eli spent the morning relaxing at home with his Bubby and siblings. In the afternoon it was off to the science center and IMAX theatre. The science center space shuttle exhibit was sold out for the day by the time we got there but they were very kind and let us all in. Eli really enjoyed seeing the shuttle and the IMAX movie.

We are trying to let Eli spend as much time as he can with the family before he goes in again tommorow for the next round of chemo. Because it is “flu season” CHLA doesn’t allow any children under 12 as visitors so Eli won’t be seeing his sister or brother all week. While we keep ourselves occupied as much as possible not to think to much about Eli’s situation it’s weeks like this coming up one which keep us on the edge.. Hopefully Eli’s mood will be as good or better then it’s been and the week will fly by without chas vshalom any side effects or issues.

Like I have mentioned a few times this round is extremely harsh and can have strong lasting side effects we are non stop davening that this will not be the case for Elimelech Ben Basya and we are counting on everyone’s tefilos to get Eli and ourselves thru the week.

One thought on “1/27/12

  1. Miriam Hendeles

    Dear Bassy and Malkiel and entire Gradon family,
    Just read your blog for the first time. May Eli have a refuah shelaimah bekarov!!!. We and all of your friends are davening for the Elimelech ben Basya, (AKA “The King”…) :). All the best, Chaim and Miriam Hendeles

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