BH Eli had a very good day and when he has a good day everything around him is good and happy!! He was busy playing with the many new toys and gadgets he got from literally across the world. He really enjoys reading letters and the emails I get on his behalf as well.

We are hoping if he is up to it to take him to join his class who he really misses and has sent him many letters and presents to join them for recess tommorow. Eli’s rebbi came again this afternoon and BH Eli was up to learning with him for a very long while and he remembered and knew everything perfectly bli ayin hora. He received a gift card for pizza Mayven from his rebbi because he did so well which he was very excited to make sure to go tonight which we happily obliged and took him.

Thank you to a very close family friend who bought Eli a new tablet so we are hoping that as long as he won’t actually be in the classroom at least he can feel and see and hear now all that is taking place. And as we keep hearing the tzidkus of many individuals and groups of people undertaking tehilim, or Kabbalos etc bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya we are hoping for that Eli will be Sochi to a refua shelayama bkarov