Eli had a pretty uneventfull day which we enjoy and hope to have many more of. While we are not having a very easy time emotionally with the whole situation a new reality unfortunately sets in when when the hair starts falling out which sadly is currently happening in full force. You get a reminder everywhere he goes as he leaves behind a trail of hair. On a positive note thank gd aside from the itching he so far isn’t that disturbed or bothered by it.

We have hopefully a quiet week ahead of us and we are trying to focus on finding a place to live so that Eli can have more space without being stuck on top of his siblings germs which with his low blood counts are very catchy.

We are continuing davening and hoping that the treatments will do what they are supposed to do as quick as possible with no bad side effects. Sometimes waking up and wishing that this situation will over night IYH turn into a bad dream that never happened and got better by itself.