Eli had another very good day BH and as I always say under the circumstances he’s doing very well. Eli has his first doctor appt with his new main doctor in CHLA in the morning where we will get to speak to his doctor for a good hour to see and hear the plan for next weeks chemo and other future treatments he will be having on his long road to beezrat Hashem a full recovery.

While we were hoping he would go today to play with his friends in school he changed his mind at the last minute (although he seems and is very happy he is also understandably very moody). So he did instead get another visit from his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs who he happily sat and learned a few new posukim and got a reward for knowing perfectly the whole parsha he last learned in his classroom. This made him very happy and we hope to only see that continue to be the case.

Eli together with Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah were treated at the Brecher home this afternoon to hear a very special band that is in town from Israel and he really enjoyed that. We are hoping to be zoche BKAROV to see Eli and Benny have a full recovery and refua shelayma Bsoch shaar choley Yisroel. AMEN