Eli and his father will be getting a lot of quiet bonding time together over shabos in CHLA. His fever BH hasnt come back since 9PM Thursday night but his blood counts are not well enough for them to feel comftorable to discharge him before shabos.

Thanks gd but oddly enough his mood has been better then it’s been in quite a while and it kept getting better and better as the day went on. He had a very special mother come and play a whole bunch of games with him this morning and really make him happy then His Rebbi Rabbi Jacobs came to visit him and discussed the weeks parsha with him and he felt very privileged that his Rebbi came here for him. He then spoke on the phone for a minute with my Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Kanarek who gave him a Brocha and made him laugh. That was followed by his zaidy coming to visit him with his uncle.

We are all davening that his counts will get better over shabos and that IYH he will be back home ASAP. Thank you to the many people that are and have gone and continue to go out of their way for us and Eli in many different ways. We should all be zoche to see Elimelech Ben Basya make full and quick recovery refua shelayama bmhayra amen. Gut shabos