BH Elis blood counts went up and the doctors felt he can go home this morning which is what I was told by my rov to do even though it was Shabos with the reason being that a choleh that doesn’t need to be in the hospital should not be there a minute longer as it becomes a makom sakana for him. So we had a cab pick us up and do all the schlepping and door openings so there wa no melacha that we were involved in. Eli and I and especially his mother and siblings were very happy to have him home .

At mincha time he said I want to come with you so he got himself dressed and walked with me to Shul where everyone was also very happy to see him doing a lot better.

I’m also happy to say that the nurses gave Eli a small thing that is now attached to his leg so that instead of putting a needle in him each night which he needs I now only have to put it on that contraption and it saves him the pain and us seeing him in pain. So basically all in all BH we are looking to a quiet uneventful week beezrat Hashem at home.

Thank you very much to the many people that have non stop helped us with food during the week, shabos etc everything tasted amazing and we have plenty of leftovers for the week.