Fortunately Eli is in a good mood unfortunately he is still in the hospital with fever on and off. They still haven’t figured out the reason he has fever and we picked the wrong week to get sick because his main DR at CHLA is on vacation and although she has backup it isn’t at all the same. He took a blood culture which takes 48 hours from when he took it until they get the real results but in the meantime they treat him as if he has a infection with IV antibiotics and Tylenol for the fever. Also he needs to be fever free for 24 hours before they release him so the chances of being home for shabos are dimming we are still hoping but either way he and we will be fine.

As the flu season the hospitals rules are that NO ONE even siblings under the age of 12 are allowed to visit for fear of germs. This will not be easy for Eli or Sori or Ari as they really miss him and don’t quite get what’s going on with him but slowly they are beginning to understand unfortunately.

While the going seems to be getting a little harder on us atleast for Eli he seems to be getting adjusted with what the reality is and for the most part is a super champ. Hoping for a happier better report before shabos. Thanks to everyone for EVERYTHING