Unfortunately the day didn’t end the way it started or the way the last few days have gone. We take Eli’s temperature every few hours by scanning his forehead just to be on the safe side and unfortunately he has 102 fever. So we have to call the hospital and let them know and they told us to come in ASAP which is exactly wht we did. Based on his blood levels and numbers they then decide what the next step should be and while we were hopeful his #s would be good they were not. So sadly we are back in CHLA for The night until they can get his white blood cell counts up again.

Thanks to all the people that have donated or are planning on donating A+ blood for Elimelech Ben Basya as we already used the first donation tonight. And of course thanks to Bikur Cholim for arranging it and being on top of it even so late at night.

Due to the fact that his blood #s are down we will have to be even more careful then we have been and restrict visitors to a bare minimum so please don’t just come please text or call either of us PRIOR to leaving your home to make sure that it works for us. A little extra tehilim for anyone that can tonight will definitely help in our hopes that this small somewhat expected bump in the road is nothing serious and that all will be ok so that Eli can go home the sooner the better (as soon as they allow) Tizku lmitzvos