What can I say other then our hope is that until Eli fully recovers bkarov that we have days like today. He finally woke up happier then he’s been in a while and felt very good and ate like the Eli we knew 3 weeks ago. We also had a pretty busy day. He went to his zaidys kollel where a yarchei kalla with a full house was taking place in Beth Jacob in his zchus and Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah zchus. He really felt good knowing that so many people were all learning in his and his friend Bennys zchus for the few minutes he spent learning some Chumash. Thanks to everyone that came it was truly inspiring to Eli, myself and family to see and feel.

Then it was off to the beech where we took a long nice bike ride (all bundled up it was pretty cold) which we all really enjoyed biking and watching a skate board show. He then finally agreed to speak on the phone to a good friend of ours in NY and to a few of his cousins all which he hasn’t done in quite a while.

I don’t want to give us any ayin hora but we hope and daven that the rest of the time that Elimelech Ben Basya is getting treatment that it should go like today and that we should be zoche to see him fight and win this illness in record time with no complications and no more pain. AMEN