Overall today was a pretty good one BH with Eli eating more each day and slowly gaining some weight and energy we hope as he will need it for the next round of chemo starting IYH in 2 weeks. While he really doesn’t like his medications epically getting his nightly shot he takes it like a pro.

Thanks to Elis Rebbi and the staff of Toras Emes they were able to give us a live connection to his class so that even though he isn’t there he can still learn and feel like he is there and see his friends. The love and the letters that Eli has gotten from his class, our friends, cousins, doctors etc. is really doing wonders as he enjoys reading them all.

We are hoping that he will feel up to going on Tuesday to his zaidys kollel where they are having a yarchei kalla learning program all week but Tuesday has been sponsored by Eli’s uncles Nachum and Reuven as a zchus lrefua for Elimelech Ben Basya and Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigy Sora we hope to be there for a few minutes so he can hear and see it between 10-11AM.

Tizku lmitzvos to everyone who has done chasadim, kollelim, kabalos, tzedakas, tehilim groups etc etc it’s a real zchus