Eli had a pretty good day today he ate a decent amount of food in comparison to the past few days but definetly can use a few pounds. He felt up to it at 1:30 to go out to his friends birthday party at the bowling alley he even prepared himself by lifting a few weights to get ready for the big outing. He got a very warm welcome from all his friends who he hasn’t seen in 2 weeks and even bowled a few frames. After he joined his friends and actually ate pizza with them. I say actually because until 2 weeks ago pizza was his favorite food and he hasn’t touched it since surgery until today.

The afternoon continued with Rabbi Langer and my father speaking in Sharei Torah before mincha with about 100 men and women there bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya and Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigy Sorah it was extremely moving and inspirational and was followed by tehilim for 15 minutes.

Eli took a bath which isn’t fun to give because he has a “line” connected to him which can’t get wet for fear of infection and it was followed by the daily flushing of the line and then I did something I don’t wish on anyone to ever have to do which is give your child a shot which he needs starting today until he is fully recovered BKAROV it’s not that painful for him but it feels and looks wrong and scary.