What can I say other BH we were home for shabos and got back to some normalcy. We had the shabos meals alone “to get to know ourselves and the kids again” and we were able to relax and enjoy it which all of us needed. Eli decided this morning and this afternoon that he wants to go get some fresh air which he hasn’t had for 8 days so we went for 2 walks which was really good for him. As I was going to mincha Shabos afternoon Eli piped up and said I would like to come also which is exactly what he did and sat and enjoyed being back in Shul.

On a side note we now know that Eli is blood type A+ (positive) and will most probably need blood in a few weeks. Anyone that is that blood type and hasn’t been sick in the past week prior to wanting to donate blood should please contact the tzadikim at Bikur Cholim who have been extremely helpful to us and been there so far every step of the way the office#(323)852-1900 to schedule and to make sure that ChildrensHospital will know that it’s being given for Eli.

Sunday is Asara Bteves and at 3:45PM my father along with the rov of my Shul Rabbi Langer will be speaking in Beis Medrash Sharei Tora bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya followed by mincha at 4:30