12/20/12 early

A good friend of mine went into the gadol hador R’ Chaim Kanievsky and spoke to him about eli and 2 other local LA children who are also fought/fighting this machla and he said even though Rosh Chodesh is not for a few weeks as many people as possible should be mekabel on themselves Yom Kipur Koton for Chodesh Shvat to say the tefila and be mekabel TODAY that they also will fast on Erev Rosh Chodesh (when we say Yom kipur Koton) half day until chatzos.

Tizku Lmitzvos

2 thoughts on “12/20/12 early

  1. Shloime and Malkie Sender

    Hi, Malkiel and Bassy. We are thinking of you here in Far Rockaway and davening for Eli to have a complete refuah b’karov. If you need anything from this end of the US, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have good Shabbos!

    Thinking of you,
    Shloime and Malkie

  2. Sara Amsel

    Hi Malkiel and Bassy,

    The whole Spiegel Family wants to wish Eli a Refuah Sh’leima and we are all davening for him to get healthy and strong and bring you much nachas for many many years. (and your other children as well).

    Have a Wonderful and Restful Shabbos,

    Avrohom Mordechai & Matti Eisenberg
    Eli & Shani Goldberg
    Mordechai & Sara Amsel
    Yudi & Tzippy Biegeleisen
    Elchonon & Miriam Spiegel
    Reuven Spiegel
    Tuli & Zehava Krieger
    Nachum & Chavie Spiegel
    Shimon & Esther Spiegel
    Yehuda Meir & Yocheved Newhouse
    Avi Spiegel
    Yosef Spiegel

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