Bli ayn hora Eli had a good day today he BH didn’t have any side effects from the chemo and he felt well enough to finally go to the game room after he ate some breakfast to play with the games they had there. He also figured out that not only does his hospital bed lean forward and back it goes up and down so now he has a roller coaster bed.

Anyway tmrw is a big day and we really hope it will be a really good one he has a scan and treatment all to be IYH done in the morning and early afternoon and we are really hoping and davening that it goes easy and well so that beezrat Hashem we can be home for shabos back on non roller coaster beds.

Thanks for the many people we know about and the many we dont know about that have taken upon themselves kabalos and tehilim bzchus lrefuah for Elimelech Ben Basya. Tizku lmitzvos