Eli has definitely had better days but much better days are still ahead. He felt very nauseous and irritated most of the day as he has had enough of being in the hospital. On a positive note he did eat more then he has eaten the past few days and walked more as well. Today was his 3rd day of 5 days of a long set of chemo treatments that he will need.

Tommorow beezrat Hashem he will have another treatment as well as other treatments where he will have to sit still (hard for him or any Gradon to do) for a good while. We are hoping he will feel better and be in a better mood so that the doctors can do what they need to do.

On a separate note we are Begging of everyone and anyone that would like to “just stop by” to please not do so. Eli’s immune system is starting to weaken and therefore before you even think of coming please think to yourself: Are you sick? Is your spouse or anyone in your household sick or been sick in the last 10 days? If you can even think that maybe yes DO NOT come.

Furthermore sometimes it may not be the best time for you to come visit here in the hospital and IYH soon at home because the time works for you. Please call or text either of us to make sure that when you want to come works for us and Eli. Also in the hospital they do not allow any visitors past 9PM and only 2 visitors at a time and we need to respect that.