What a wild last 24 hours to say the least. We were told on shabos that we will not be discharged from CHLA until Tuesday then this morning the doctor walked in this morning at about 9AM saying that Eli’s blood counts had significantly improved and that he can go home now. Wow what a relief so we packed up and went straight home. We were all relieved to finally see some improvement after a few days of very slow in the rising of his blood counts. Eli spent the afternoon at home where he received a special good bye Brocha from the Rosh Yeshiva and Rebetzin. However at about 5PM we noticed a bruise and then what seemed like a infection so there we go back in the car to the ER but on the way decided to stop at the home of Eli’s pediatrician DR Kishneff who advised us not to go as it didn’t look to worrisome to him.

So BH Eli is at home for the nigh but needs to wake up early so we can be back in the hospital at 7:30AM for his stem cell harvesting which is scheduled to take at least all day and possibly all Tuesday. This is a very important part of the treatment plan and will help beezrat Hashem significantly in the recovery.

We are hoping that all should go as good as possible during the harvesting and that it should also go as quick as possible and only help Elimelech Ben Basya on the road to his complete recovery bimehayra.