Finally the day is coming to an end. Eli had to be woken to be in the hospital at 7:30AM to start the stem cell harvesting which they first draw blood to make sure his blood counts are well enough to do the process. They then send him to take a chest x-ray to make sure his heart is in good condition for it. Then it’s a 2 hour waiting game while they check all that out and then finally they start the IV and after all that’s done they roll this big machine in which does the harvesting. Eli was a real champ and let them do what they needed to do with some minor scares and complications along the way but BH ok. They sadly had to end his day at 5:45PM with something he dreads the most the shot.

While there was a small possibility that we can get all the harvesting done in one day it seems we weren’t that lucky and will need to be back same time Tuesday morning to continue. Hoping that Tuesday goes without any scares and gets done earlier. The room they do it in is with other people in it with a curtain separating you so it’s not roomy or private but I guess it will have to do.

While Eli continues to be very happy the back and forth is definetly very tiring and stressful on us but hopefully we will get it done on Tuesday so that Elimelech Ben Basya will have some time with us and his brother and sister and his Bubby from Lakewood who is coming for the weekend and mid winter break.