GUT VOCH is a Brocha that we are hoping will be kept to its exact definition. While we had a very peaceful and relaxing shabos in CHLA it wasnt where we want to be. Eli was BH still in his very good mood and entertaining us from his jokes and games to telling each nurse that didn’t follow his orders that they are “fired”. We will be in the hospital it seems for a few more days until they feel his numbers are high enough for him to be discharged. We are hoping that they will be high enough to do the stem cell harvesting planned for Monday morning but that will only take place of his blood counts climb high enough by then.

Eli’s brother and sister who haven’t seen him since he went to the hospital on WED evening came tonight but were only able to see Eli in the main cafeteria as they don’t allow children in during flu season to the rooms. So we all enjoyed some family Motzei shabos pizza party in the cafeteria until it got late and we all said our good byes. Bassy took the kids home and Eli and his father went back to our room for the night.

We are all davening that this unscheduled hospital stay will end soon so that we can have a few somewhat normal days altogether before next weeks round 3 of chemo begins which he will have to be back in the hospital for about 4 full days and nights. Please continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya in your tefilos. With much appreciation from all The Gradon family. And again GUT VOCH