Eli pushed himself and BH lasted his first real full day at school from 8:15-4. He enjoyed it and realized he can do it and although he was quite tired by the end of the day it was a big step.

We got notice late today that prior to being admitted IYH scheduled for Sunday evening Eli needs to have a few minor tests and lab work done so we have a busy Erev YT schedule in CHLA.

Being that we have a busy day ahead I don’t think I will have time before YT to update so this is the last post of the year and I feel I haven’t had the correct hakaras hatov to many people from family, to rabanim, friends and organizations. The list is endless from people we have never met to our siblings and parents. This past year has been a very trying period but somehow we thru the chizuk and help we have received bli ayin hora have pulled thru this far and IYH will continue until we reach the goal we set the day Eli was diagnosed nearly 9 months ago nothing less then a refua shelayma.

We personally, the LA community, and all the world has seen enough tzaros. There rarely goes by a day in which you don’t hear about a tragedy or someone close to you or someone you don’t know being diagnosed with serious diseases. We scream, we cry many different things genuk shoyn, ad mosai, day ltzarusanu and the list goes on but at the end of the day hashem has his reasons which no one can say what or why they are other then accept them and deal with them.

Let’s hope and daven that the world has seen enough tzaros and this coming year will be one of most importantly and only GEZUNT, nachas, parnasah and everything one wishes and davens for.

Being that we have an extremely busy day tomorrow I don’t think there will be much time to personally wish all my family and the people I owe a phone call of KVT to but please take this as a personal message. If I have done anything wrong to you please be mochel me. May all you daven and wish for be granted and let this year be a year of only simchas and happiness.

Please as always especially over RH have Elimelech Ben Basya and the endless list of shaar choley yisroel in mind and may al cholim be zoche to the refuas they all need BKAROV