From what we hear from 3000 miles away Eli had a good day today. We are in NY for “Uncle Yossi Bess” wedding which was one of the nicest, happiest weddings of all times. We will beezrat hashem be home first thing in the morning.

We need to thank the many family and friends that went out of their way to entertain all the kids at home. From taking them out to going places to spending a long time doing Elis line and IV to sleeping over we really appreciate it all.

IYH all will continue at home and on pace with protocol for Elimelech Ben Basya which BH today we finally received the results from the bone marrow biopsy from Thursday and BH that to was completely free. “Halevay vayter”.

One thought on “8/20/13

  1. Marcia Fine

    Baruch Hashem – Baruch Hashem – Great news. So happy to read that Eli’s bone marrow test came out clean and clear.
    Ksiva vChasima Tova

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