We got home early this morning and Eli seems to be doing very well. He got out a few times today and was able to mostly hold his own. Unfortunately his diarrhea hasn’t let up but being that he is on TPN the doctors are not that concerned. There isn’t much on the schedule until next Tuesday which is when he has his next scheduled appointment.

On a separate note There have been 3 organizations since our son Eli has been diagnosed with cancer that have been extremely helpful each in their own way. Chai Lifeline, Bikur Cholim and Chabad of Los Feliz (Rabbi Korf).

I have mentioned many times before the chizuk that Rabbi Korf brings myself and Eli many times during the week and especially when in CHLA over a Shabos. Rabbi Korf has made it his business to visit us EVERY SINGLE Shabos we have been in CHLA. He also visits every yid in the 3 area hospitals CHLA, Kaiser and Presbyterian every Shabos. His home is open to us for anything we need and it is right down the block from CHLA.

His Chabad house Chabad of Los Feliz is having their annual dinner on Thursday 8/22/13 in Neeman Hall honoring one of the main oncologists of CHLA DR Finaly who has been extremely helpful to Eli and he davens at Rabbi Korfs shul when he is on call over Shabos. I feel a tremendous amount of hakaras hatov to Rabbi Korf and Chabad of Los Feliz and their volunteers who have over the last 9 months constantly been there for us and have showered Eli with presents and visits. Anyone who can attend should and if you can’t attend and are able to donate you can go online and do so at www.Chabadlosfeliz.com/dinner tizku lmitzvos

As always please keep in mind Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in your tefilos as we do whatever we can to help them be zoche to refua shelayma.