We got what we wanted last night and Eli woke up stronger then he was yesterday. He ate a decent amount this morning and then at 2:30 headed for CHLA. They drew his blood prior to the radiation and then finally into the radiation room. For the actual time the radiation is taking place only Eli can be in the room so we prepared him for that and BH he was very brave and didn’t move so as long as that continues they will be able to do it without anesthesia. We were in and out in a few short minutes and hopefully that will be the case every day for the 12 sessions he needs. After the radiation was done we got the blood results which were very good and BH he doesn’t need a blood transfusion. On our way out of the hospital the DR reminded me that its possible that Eli will be nauseous later in the evening. Unfortunately he threw up many times but felt fine right before and right after. We now know that he will need to take nausea medication for the next few sessions and hopefully that will prevent the nausea.

On Tuesday he first has a DR appt with his new DR prior to the radiation so it will be a little bit longer then what usually will be taking place daily. We got the blood draw out of the way so hopefully the DR will continue to be satisfied with how Eli is doing and we will be out as soon as the radiation is done.

1 down 11 to go with the radiation and beezrat hashem Elimelech Ben Basya will continue as he has with the other treatments to do them and move on one day at a time. Please continue to daven for him and all cholim.