BH Eli is slowly but surely gaining some much needed strength and weight. He still has a long way to go until he is back to his pre diagnosis condition but so far so good. Eli insisted on going to shul for Megilas Aichah where he sat and davened Maariv and followed every word in the megilla. He has not used his stroller bli ayin hora the last few days and although we haven’t walked very far even the amounts that he did walk up until now he needed it. He also is eating a larger amount and more often but still has problems holding it down. Hopefully the immodium he has been taking will help that problem.

On Thursday Eli has an appointment at CHLA where they will lay him in a bean bag which will form a mold of his body and they will harden that mold so that for the 12 radiation treatments he will IYH be getting he will not move so that they can do it without anesthesia. It doesn’t seem that the actual radiation will begin until at the earliest Monday. Other then that Eli is looking forward to his aunts, uncles and cousins coming this week some for vacation and some for my sisters chasuna.

Please as always continue to daven on behalf of all cholim and Elimelech Ben Basya so he can continue making more significant strides on the road to beezrat hashem a refua shelayma BKAROV and may we be zoche to see next years tisha bav turn into a yom tov.

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  1. Marcia Fine

    Thank you for the daily updates. I’m so happy to read of Eli’s good progress. Please G-d it should continue.
    Marcia Fine

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