Eli had a relaxed day mostly at home for the morning but then early afternoon I took Eli to get some fresh air and decided to head to the beach for a bike ride. Eli isn’t quite up to riding a bike yet but he sat in the back and enjoyed the scenery and relaxation. Once again the stroller BH wasn’t needed at any point as Eli pushes himself to walk as much as possible and as far as possible.

On Thursday is the appointment with the DR that does the radiation to fit Eli into basically some “bubble” and that bubble is what they will place him in daily while receiving the radiation so that IYH he won’t move so that they can do the radiation without anesthesia.

We need to help Elimelech Ben Basya move along and continue gaining strength, weight and courage to fight this machla which beezrat hashem sooner then later will be a thing of the past with Eli and cholim being zoche to a refua shelayma.