Although we have tried extremely hard today and we will continue non stop trying to help Eli gain some strength and weight we did not have any success yet. While he ate a decent amount at best he was unable to do any exercise as he was to weak and completely out of breath after a few small steps. We are not sure what this is coming from if its a result of the surgery, chemo or a combination of both. We are very top of every second and every step of each day and hope that this will be sooner then later something of the past.

As far as the DRs are concerned as long as his lungs are clear and he’s drinking which BH he is ok in both those departments they are not concerned. We don’t know his current exact weight but its by far the lowest he has been and hope that the foods he eats will stay and he will be gaining much needed weight. His stomach problems have definitely gotten better but we are not sure if that’s because of the harsh chemo he received or if it just got better over or hopefully as a result of our davening.

Elimelech Ben Basya needs our tefilos to help us help him get the strength and courage to continue his fight of this machla.