Today went pretty well as we begin and really try to push Eli to eat as much as possible and to exercise as much as possible and it went ok. He had a decent amount to eat a few times and got a lot of fresh air. However one of our main concerns is how thin he is and especially how weak he is. It is very hard for him to walk more then a few steps without him having to stop, sit down or catch his breath. We are hoping as time passes so will this and hopefully beezrat hashem sooner then later he will be doing the simple things he can not physically do now.

With not much scheduled this week at all we hope that we can start achieving our goals for him and pray that chas vshalom no side effects show up so we can assist him a little easier to continue getting on the path. The next planned appt is next week to start with a CT scan and over the few weeks after that another few scans so we can get a clear picture that hopefully the chemo and surgery have done what they were meant to do so we can continue with the scheduled treatments.

The next few days will hopefully get easier for Elimelech Ben Basya in regards to the problems he is having and hopefully he will wake up with a new found strength so that he will continue to have the strength to continue this fight and regain his happy spirit as well as some weight and full strength BKAROV

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  1. rachel altet

    We are davening and thinking about eli all the time here in chicago! Refua shelaima!

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