Bli ayin hora today was a lot better then what we thought it would look like and we hope it will continue. Eli rested and slept most of the day and while he was up was for the most part he was happy and not nauseous BH. Eli got in the mood of eating for the first time in 2 days and luckily Rabbi Korf from Chabad of Los Feliz who has been extremely helpful and always comes to visit and to offer his assistance in anyway possible arranged for Eli to have the food he wanted in a few short minutes. It was really nice to see real food and not medication going into Elis mouth and eating it with a smile.

They have finally after 72 hours straight of chemo removed the chemo IV and BH Eli is only now on hydration IV and if beezrat hashem he has a easy good night I have asked the DR on call that makes rounds in the AM to please come see Eli first so that he can be discharged as early as possible. The goal is to have Eli home as early as possible to allow him to start recuperating from this harsh week of chemo as well as to continue his recuperation from 3 weeks ago surgery which he still has a long way to fully get back to himself. It is still a struggle for him to walk more then a few feet as he gets extremely tired and out of breath and his stomach problems have also a long way to go until it is back to normal. We plan on helping him eat as much as possible and also getting him back into the routine of eating as much as possible. Eli weighs the least he has weighed since being diagnosed and we hope to beef him up as much as possible before the next round of treatment which isn’t planned for about a month from now.

The only way possible that Elimelech Ben Basya will continue on the road to a full recovery is if we can accomplish what we would like to as I mentioned above. The only real way that will happen is thru davening and kabalos that we constantly take upon ourselves as do many others and we know that’s how ultimately we will help Eli have a refua shelayma BKAROV