After a very rough night with the nurses, nurses aides, housekeeping and all the staff of CHLA finding stupid reasons to come into the room all night and not allow Eli or myself to sleep they finally had a nice normal nurse take over at 7AM. The morning was a little hard for Eli with some throwing up and having a bad stomach (sadly this has become the norm is his life for now) but BH as the day progressed and the meds kicked in Eli was able to relax and sleep a good portion of the day. Late afternoon Sori and Ari came to hang with Eli and have dinner altogether. At about 9PM after a relaxing bath I took Eli to do what he enjoys the most in CHLA which is to take a long walk around the hospital even slipping outside for a few seconds of needed fresh air.

BH we are now almost thru 48 of 72 hours of this hard round of chemo and hopefully the time will fly so Eli can go home and start the recuperation process once again and hopefully without the predicted side effects. The plan as of now is that sometime on Friday hopefully in the AM Eli will be discharged and will be able to be home beezrat hashem aside from having to go in for appts and scans for about 4-5 weeks.

We are at this point just hoping for one easy day at a time for Elimelech Ben Basya that all side effects or anything else not on the schedule doesn’t happen so that Eli will have the strength, courage and spirit to continue fighting until he has a refua shelayma