Since Eli was diagnosed in Dec its been our goal always to do what makes him happy and to try to keep him eating and as strong as possible. Since the surgery nearly 2 weeks ago which apparently is normal for such a long procedure Eli has been extremely weak and even though he’s eating and moving around a little he gets exhausted very quickly. Its been a rough 4+ months and a rough past few weeks and its sadly only about to get rougher. This round he is about to start really took everything out of him last time he had it and had painful side effects.

We hope to give him an enjoyable relaxed shabos and Sunday before he needs to check in on Monday to CHLA. Between him being weak, having a terrible stomach and just simply not looking well we are doing everything we can to at least lift his spirits which for the first time has been not that good lately either. Being that he is having a very hard time walking especially up and down stairs I have been carrying him and now as a result have completely thrown my lower back out of place so BH Bassy has fully come to the rescue to do double the work she usually does.

We need to help get Elimelech Ben Basya back on track in many aspects and hopefully the few days we still have before next round we will accomplish that and we are hoping to wake up in the morning with Eli and myself feeling a lot better so we can all continue and do what’s best for Eli on this long hard road to his Refua Shelayma.