Elis morning was ok other then the horrible stomach problems he has been having since the surgery. He then wanted to go out for pizza which we were happy to do to help him build some strength which he has a long way to go in the department. Then it was off to CHLA for his appt which took the usual few hours until they draw blood and then had a long update meeting with his DR. BH the DR feels from the surgery report that we are for the most part on the right track and she is happy with the results.

The next 2 months will be very busy starting with IYH Monday the 6th round of chemo which will be followed after he recovers with a large barrage of test and scans to get a clearer picture of what’s going on and how the chemo and surgery are having an effect beezrat hashem on Eli. After that is one of the planned hardest parts of the treatment which is round 7 of chemo together with stem cell transplant which all takes place in a isolation room and lasts about a full month of being inpatient in isolation. The only way to get thru these next few days, weeks and months is to take one day at a time and sometimes even one minute at a time and not to think and “just do”.

We are hoping and davening that Elimelech Ben Basya will be back with his full strength to be able to handle and fight thru all this and without chas vshalom any side effects until we see IYH bkarov a full refua.