Eli had BH another very good day and we did all we can to keep him happy and upbeat so we took him to a few places he really enjoys. We did all this knowing that on Monday morning he will have to return for his next round of chemo and will not be having a fun week by any means. He will need to be attached to IV for most of the day while they give the chemo and after with a hydration drip while they monitor him after the chemo. We then made sure Eli had a very filling supper in order to have enough strength for Monday and the whole week as he sometimes get nauseous as a result of the chemo.

I went this evening to a refresher shiur on hilchos Niddah at the Solomon home where there were over 50 men there for this shiur which was given as a zchus for Eli and the rest of the local cholim. Thanks to my parents and sister who have been non stop help every hour of every day Eli got to sleep with his brother and sister in their house which he really loves and looks forward to as a treat.

We are anxious to see how the week of IYH outpatient chemo goes and have been non stop davening for a week that does not have any surprises and that Eli has the strength to not have any negative side effects that sometimes comes with chemo and that it should only do what its supposed to do which is slowly heal Elimelech Ben Basya.