We are all hoping that treatment days will all go the way today went. We planned for a pretty rough day of chemo and being in the hospital for 8-10 hours starting at 8:30AM until about 6PM. BH as it turned out we were out by 2:45PM and aside from some nausea Eli was the king and his good mood continued. Tuesday will be day 2 of 5 of this 2nd round of treatment and we are hoping to have even a easier day then today. The doctors are continuing to monitor his blood counts and we are doing everything to keep them as high as possible including wearing a face mask over my nose and mouth now while I fight this cold I have.

As the days go on and you learn of the hundreds and maybe thousands of people that on a daily basis are doing many different things bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya and there will never be a way to properly thank everyone but I can tell everyone one thing WE FEEL IT and know it and know that with all of everyone zchusim that is for sure the reason we are going to win this battle and beezrat Hashem continue to be able to do so as easily as possible under the circumstances.

Beezrat Hashem Tuesday will go easier with even less or no side effects at all and Eli should continue to take each day and treatment as well as he BLI AYIN HORA has so far on this long road to his refua shelayma.