Today was anything but typical. Started at 8:30AM at CHLA with a routine checkup where they check his blood counts, unfortunately they weren’t good and they ordered a blood transfusion which takes a long time just to start and once it does start its a 3+ hour ordeal. Instead of leaving at 10:30AM we finally left at 4:30PM and finally got home after 5PM. After relaxing for a little bit and eating supper Eli seemed to start getting flushed and hot and we took his temperature and we were right he had fever. Wonderful. Back in the car to the ER in CHLA where I am currently writing from and unfortunately his counts are still low and he has fever so they will have to admit him for at least 24 hours.

Aside from Eli actually being excited to be back in the hospital because he enjoys the WII and the TV it’s not fun for the rest of us myself my wife and the kids who are just looking for a small sense of normalcy during the short periods of time we are meant to be home. Hopefully this will be a short stay so that we can be out before shabos so Eli can be home with his family and with the choshuveh guests we are having come special fom NY for shabos Rabbi and Rebetzin Kanarek from my yeshiva Peekskill who we have kept a very close relationship with since I was in 9th grade thru all the years even playing a big role in our shiduch, and being in constant contact with their advice and hashkafa thru this entire ordeal.

We are davening that this should be nothing more then a small bump in the road and that all should go well and Elimelech Ben Basya should be discharged in good health ASAP. Hoping for a better report tommorow.

Thanks to everyone who has responded or plans on responding to the earlier post in regard to blood and platelets that we need.