Hate being a complainer but the last 36 hours were very far from anything normal. From being in the hospital for a routine checkup and then needing a transfusion so we ended up staying the day to finally getting home for a few short hours until the fever came was no fun at all. However little did I know that all that would be easy compared to the next 19 hours. We were taken into a room in the ER section and that was meant to be for a few minutes but they couldn’t find a empty bed on the floor he needs to be on so they kept us in the ER and kept saying very shortly you will have a bed. That short time turned into 19 hours of Eli being on a small uncomfy bed and us sitting in small chairs from 8:30PM until 3:30PM.

BH when we finally got into a normal room our mood and Eli’s mood very quickly changed and we all settled down. Eli got to watch some basketball games and play some games and eat a little. The evening ended with Harav and Rebetzin Kanarek arrived straight from the airport and came at a perfect time because Eli finally decided he will schmooze and entertain all of us for a hour until visiting hours ended.

Also since Elimelech Ben Basya got into the room his blood counts bli ayin hora have begun to finally rise and hopefully will continue that way so that beezrat Hashem we wil be able to leave for shabos. Thank you to everyone again for constantly having us in their tefilos and to all who have taken their time out to donate blood and platelets on his behalf. Tizku lmitzvos

2 thoughts on “1/17/13

  1. Shlomie Prager

    Your not complaining. We feel better when we feel with you, and know whats going on! Good Shabbos and hopefully u’ll be home. Regards to the Rabbi and we won’t stop Davening and thinking about you!

  2. dvorah Litenatsky

    Always davening. Would like to do more. What about visits? Or taking the others out for a bit?
    Please call on me whenever needed. thank you.

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