Finally the second round of chemo is over and although i don’t think we could of asked for it to go any easier or better then it did but it was still very tiresome. Eli was very happy also to say good bye to the nurses for hopefully 2+ weeks so he can get better in preparation for the 3rd round of chemo and stem cell collection. From what we have heard we were in and out in record time every day its usually a 7-9 hour process between checking in and the actual treatment we were out every day in under 6 hours which no doubt has everything to do with the fact of the whole worlds davening on his behalf.

While we do have a regular check up this week with his doctor we are hoping to keep Eli happy and feeling as well as possible and are davening that a usual occurrence of fever happening the week following chemo does not happen. We are hoping he will be in the mood to see healthy friends and people and be able to go to shul or wherever he would like to go.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel in your daily tefilos and zchusim in the hopes that his treatment continues to go bli ayin hora as well as it has so far. gut shabos