Shabos was exceptionally nice and relaxed with BH no surprises. As Eli has almost always done he insisted on coming to Shul on Friday night where all the mispalelim were pleasantly surprised to see him and like I have said always the last month if his blood #s are high enough and he feels up to it we are more then happy to let him. We enjoyed a quiet Friday night bonding/suedah. Although Eli woke up pretty nauseous after taking some nausea medication he started feeling fine and knowing that it was Rosh Chodesh he really wanted to go to Shul again which again we happily took him. Eli entertained our shabos lunch guests and all the crashers we had throughout the day.

Eli’s happy and good mood is rubbing off on everyone around him and seeing that even though he is very sick he still remains extremely upbeat and happy is having that same effect on us and anyone he sees. Over the next few days and weeks when we beezrat Hashem have 16 days to get him to eat as much as possible to gain back some of the weight he lost during chemo before the next round starts so that he can have the strength to continue fighting.

We are davening for a most un eventful week and a good Chodesh full of everything going as planned and hoping that all the treatments are doing only what they are supposed to with no negative side effects. Elimelech Ben Basya should continue to be as happy and strong as possible to help give us and everyone he sees the strength to continue on his long road to a refua shelayma.