For the last few months a group of our close friends have been arranging to join Chai Lifelines marathon taking place in Florida on 2/2/14. They have already 12+ people just on the “team Eli” group along the many others that run for Chai Lifeline. To do so every runner goes through MONTHS of rigorous training which they have all began doing already. This is one of the bigger fundraisers for Chai Lifeline who anyone who has ever needed their services knows how vital they are when a family member is going through a illness. And for those who BH haven’t had a sick family member and beezrat hashem will never have should know that they are simply a lifeline. Always there and always thinking about what they can do to take their chesed to the next level.

Our family will forever be makir tov to them for what they have done for us and continue to do. Every runner that signs up is essentially pledging $3600 to join the CL team. Aside from the training they do they must also raise the $$. On the link below there is a team Eli page which shows how much together the team has raised but you can click on each persons name and donate directly to their pledge. We beezrat hashem hope as a family to be there together with Eli who will be pushed in a wheelchair/stroller by one of the runners during the marathon

I look at this as a insurance plan that hopefully your donation should chas vshalom never be used towards your family or anyone you know but for us its the ultimate lifeline. Again I ask that anyone that can should please donate whatever they can “every dollar counts”. If you can donate $5 great if you can do more even better. If you can fully sponsor a runner would be amazing. There is also nothing wrong with a runner more then fulfilling their pledges for this great and worthy cause.

Anyone wishing to join the team should please email Ayalaback@gmail.com and anyone wishing to donate should please go to this link http://www.teamlifeline.org/myteam.php?myid=88

All I can say simply is “tizku lmitzvos”

The Gradons