After a good night sleep Eli got a pretty early start to the day and was headed to CHLA before 10AM. After going thru the admission process Eli finally got to his room and went thru the regular checkups from the DRs and nurses. They finally got the IV going at about 2PM and it runs for 4 days straight so that means beezrat hashem if all goes well discharge should be in the afternoon on Friday.

Usually Eli once he gets to the hospital decides he’s done eating until he leaves and today was no different. HOWEVER at 4PM he decided he was in the mood of eating and even though the hour was late Rabbi Ten and Adina at Bikur Cholim who never have let us down had it arranged and delivered shortly after. Eli ate it all and enjoyed it and we couldn’t be happier. THANKS

So far so good Eli is feeling fine and was in a great mood all day and finally got to sleep at about 11PM. Hopefully they won’t bother him to many times and will let him sleep so that he can be up and strong for tommorow. Bli ayin hora there have been no side effects and we hope it will stay that way.

Please daven that the week and all the treatments should go by easily for Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel.