We were lucky and for almost all of YT Eli felt for the most part very good and had a little more strength then he has had lately. He go to shul everyday and enjoyed being around people. Simchas Torah he got to hold one of the “tanach” sifrei torah which he really enjoyed and danced with it on his own for a while.

On Monday morning we get a reality check and its back to CHLA until Friday morning. This will be round 2 of 7 of immunotherapy. It is IYH going to be according to the DR a lighter version of immunotherapy and should be pain free. Eli will IYH be home for Shabos and then its right back again for round 3 of 7 on Sunday thru Friday again followed by a 3 week break. Round 3 of 7 is a repeat of round 1 which wasn’t pleasant to put it mildly but we are not think that far ahead.

As we start a new week and a new round of therapy please keep Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shar choley yisroel in all your tefilos etc. A GUT VOCH