We continue to do everything possible to keep Elis spirits and mood as happy as possible and over the past 2 days that’s exactly where they have been BH. Eli has completed day 8 and 9 of radiation without complications and is feeling for the most part pretty good. He had a big boost of energy for the first few hours of my sisters wedding and was jumping around and enjoying being with all of his cousins, aunts, uncles and extended family. After being at the wedding from 4PM at about 930 he was exhausted and had to call it a night.

On Thursday after a early morning radiation treatment I took Eli together with Uncle Nachum on a long afternoon fishing trip which he has been wanting to do for months. The start wasn’t the best in terms of nausea but once he got settle he had the time of his life and came home with a few fish that he caught.

The NG tube in our opinion unfortunately does not seem to be doing what the DR hoped it would and on Friday beezrat hashem we will find out how it looks on the scale. Eli is on medication to try to control the diahrea and it definitely is less times however when he has to go its hard for him to control it and doesn’t end up where it should. We are hoping to figure out a solution unless this is actually helping him gain weight we can’t torture him to be connected all night to this machine that makes it hard for him to sleep and not be getting its intended purpose.

3 more radiation treatments to go IYH and then a few days off before the next round of scans. Scans will be followed by the next part of the treatment plan in early Sep which is immunotherapy which is something I don’t yet know much of but I’m sure I will find out and learn over the next few weeks and months. It takes place from Mon- Fri and its inpatient for about 6 cycles.

Please as always have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind in all your tefilos as we help him continue this long and hard fight which beezrat hashem we will only see the best results.