Hopefully bli ayin hora today was the start of Elis diarrhea slowing down. While it definitely isn’t where we would want him to be it was a lot better then recent memory. We hope that this trend will continue so that he will be able to gain some desperately needed weight and strength. Also if it finally does slow down maybe then he will finally be rested and have a normal night sleep as for now he gets up 2-4 times a night for the bathroom.

Eli relaxed at home all morning and then early afternoon we finally got out to eat some food which he BH ate nicely and ran some errands which he enjoyed. Later in the evening we went to a friend for a BBQ which Eli once again ate a decent amount of food. Finally nearly a week after radiation is done and many bath later we were finally able to remove the black marker stains that were all over Elis body as marks for them to line up the rays correctly so now Eli finally looks somewhat clean.

Monday early morning starts a long few days of testing starting at 730AM with the nasty drink that helps them see clearer for when they do the CT scan at about 9AM. Then on Tuesday he needs to be in CHLA for literally a few seconds so they can give a medication for the following day of Wednesday which is when they will do the MIBG scan. I don’t have a confirmed date but at some point also probably this week he will have his bone marrow checked which requires general anesthesia for the few minute procedure.

We hope and daven that all scans will be clear and clean and that we will get results as quick as possible so that we can try to sleep in peace and help Elimelech Ben Basya continue fighting this machla until we reach the ultimate goal of a refua shelayma.

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