Last week Eli got a visit from his rebbi Rabbi Jacobs who is also the rebbi in camp for Elis grade. As soon as rebbi left the house Eli decided “I’m going to camp” we told him we don’t think that he’s up to it yet but as usual Eli insisted all weekend that he is going to go. He woke up this morning with the same mind set “I’m going to camp” left with no choice but at the same time very happy and very nervous I took Eli to camp. Rabbi Jacobs and Rabbi Tyner we extra helpful to make sure this can work and Eli really enjoyed himself for the few hours that he lasted and rebonded with some of his classmates. We won’t allow him to go on days where there is a trip that has a lot of walking and being outdoors as he isn’t quite strong enough for that yet.

IYH Eli will continue to gain strength and continue eating and gaining weight. He has proven us and the doctors many times wrong and beezrat hashem that will continue only for the good. On Tuesday Eli will have a day to rest and relax at home and maybe get out a little and enjoy being not In the hospital.

We look forward to another day of only good and gains for Elimelech Ben Basya and we daven that all should go as easy and smooth for him so that he can move on in only gezunt.