Eli and all of us had BH exactly what we asked and davened for an enjoyable, relaxing, uneventful YT. He spent all the time with the family enjoying the seudos and keeping everyone entertained as usual. Bli ayin hora he had the most energy and strength we have seen him have in a very long last few months.

On WED its back to CHLA for a scheduled visit with his Dr to try to figure out what the plan is for the next few weeks etc. To make a long story short Eli can’t be doing nothing he has to be either having surgery or getting treatment. We would love to do the surgery now but the surgeon as of now is booked thru the 1st week of May. If we get a scheduled surgery with him in the next week or so then we won’t need to do this unnecessary round of chemo otherwise we will need to do that probably starting Monday. We have a long list of people that are doing what they can to get the surgeon to squeeze us in but its not looking very good as Elis surgery doesn’t have a time table the surgeon needs to set aside a full day for it as it can take anywhere from 4 hours and up to a full day.

We will be davening hard that somehow beezrat hashem a date will open for Elimelech Ben Basya and that he will have the surgery bshah tova in the next week or so.