BH Eli had another very good day under the circumstances and even had a better appetite today than yesterday. He ate a nice sized lunch and the best part was that it stayed down. He spent the morning with his bubby and a family friend and then all afternoon with his mother and then again with a friend for part of the evening. He fell asleep earlier then he has been and we hope he stays asleep in preparation to going home beezrat hashem shortly and full of strength.

This evening arranged by Chai Lifeline Sori and Ari enjoyed a ride on a “party bus” full of shrieking Bnos Devora girls who took them to munchies which really made them happy and took their minds off of missing Eli. Until about 2 and a half months ago we always wondered what does Bikur Cholim, Chai Lifeline and many other wonderful organizations really do? Well we have seen first hand and without them there would be no way possible for us to be managing without their constant guidance, support in many different ways, food etc etc etc. Our hakaras hatov to them will never compare to what they mean to us. THANK YOU

While the day went well for Elimelech Ben Basya once again the severe lack of communication skills they have in CHLA continues. We were told that a few hours after the chemo is done Eli will be good to go home. Well the chemo was done at 10PM and we were hoping that at some point when Eli wakes up in middle of the night or first thing in the morning to be ready to leave. Not so fast “we are sorry but the attending oncologist isn’t in until 8AM and he needs to see Eli before he can be discharged”. Basically even after they see Eli in the morning its still another hour or 2 until they sign all the papers and finally allow us to leave. Hopefully we will be home IYH to stay healthy and out of the hospital until the next round of chemo and be full of strength. AMEN