BH today was a lot better then yesterday. Elis blood pressure stabilized and they removed the IV that helped them bring it to normal. His high fever and high heart rate BH has also been stable and good. Late this afternoon Eli was moved out of the ICU to a regular room. He is for some unexplained reason very nauseous and not in the mood of very much.

So far all blood cultures have remained negative so BH for that, however due to the fact that things weren’t good yesterday they feel they want to monitor Eli for possibly a few more days. We should have a better picture hopefully tomorrow regarding that. Eli remains very tired and weak and hasn’t recovered yet from the last 2 weeks of being inpatient for immunotherapy and this is making it harder to reach that goal.

We hope and daven that Elimelech Ben Basya will get stronger and better with every passing moment and that the fever doesn’t come back and the cultures beezrat hashem stay negative.

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