All that we have been noticing about Eli doing a lot better the last few weeks was BH confirmed when he went today to see the DR. Eli gained a very nice amount of weight and the DR noted how he was able to tell just from looking at him.

We got the schedule for the next month and its going to be a pretty full schedule starting with Sunday night checking in for immunotherapy until IYH Friday morning. Which will then be followed by a full set of scans the following week or so. And then its back to CHLA for round 5 and 6 which are consecutive weeks of Sunday night to Friday morning.

We look forward to continuing to share only besuros tovos for Elimelech Ben Basya and with the help of everyone tefilos we will get the ultimate goal of a refua shelayma.

One thought on “10/29/13

  1. Marcia Fine

    Baruch Hashem, so happy to read that Eli is doing so well. G-d willing all should continue to go well and lead to a complete recovery.
    Good Shabbos..
    Marcia Fine

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