The nights while on immunotherapy are not easy and for some reason they can’t coordinate things to be done at the same time. One of the very normal common side effects is fever and to try to reduce the chance of getting fever they give tylenol every 4 hours around the clock. So during Elis sleep he is woken 3 times to take tylenol. Also while being on immunotherapy they need to take Elis vital signs every 4 hours why they can’t do both at the same time is beyond comprehension but that’s how it goes. So basically Eli is woken up every 2 hours and usually goes right back to sleep its just not easy.

Other then the morning not starting exactly how we would of liked it with Eli being nauseous the rest of the day went by very nicely. Eli was visited by his zaidy and some family friends which even though he doesn’t always show at the time his appreciation he really does enjoy them and appreciates it. Hopefully Thursday will go quick and easy so we can look forward to discharge day IYH in the afternoon on Friday.

Elimelech Ben Basya should be zoche to a refua shelayma bkarov