A GUT VOCH and A FREILICHEN PURIM. Eli did what he does every Friday night which is insist that he goes to shul with me. This Friday night because his zaidy was in the kollel he decided he wants to daven there. He sat next to his zaidy and davened every word and then enjoyed Friday nights seuda with his bubby, zaidy and all of us followed by dessert by R’ SYR with MBD and a choir which he really enjoyed. He was in a great mood and had a very good appetite. He again went to shul for shachris and relaxed the rest of the day and even had a friend over for the afternoon.

Motzei Shabos as he has been waiting for for a long time was time to go back to shul again for Megilah which he sat thru listening to every word. He has big plans for Purim to dance and have fun and of course try to get himself enough $$ so he can have his own IPAD (yes I know not the best idea but can’t say no to the king).

Beezrat hashem Elimelech Ben Basya will continue to do well and not have any side effects that chas vshalom will force us back in the hospital and we will be using tefilah on Purim as a bracha for Eli. IYH Purim will be Vnehapoch Hu and we will see Eli have a completee Refuah BKAROV

One thought on “2/23/13

  1. ester furst

    BORUCH HASHEM that Eli is HOME!! I was hoping all Shabbos that you got sprung in time!!!!
    May all our tefilos on this very special day of Purim be answered for the good.

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