BH Eli felt pretty good over RH and made it to shul for Shofar and was at all the meals eating a lot more then he usually does lately. We hope he will make it to school on Sunday and go as often and as long as he is up to it.
This weeks plan is Monday to go to the infusion center and get any transfusions he may need. Later this week we will meet with the DR and hear what ideas and treatments they plan for the future for Eli.

Bli ayin hora the very good news we got on Erev RH is a complete miracle to put it mildly but there still remains a lot to do and many more months ahead of different treatments.

As we have done until now and will IYH always continue doing is making sure that Elimelech Ben Basya gets the best treatment possible as we continue on the road beezrat hashem to nothing less then a refua shelayma. A GUT VOCH