We enjoyed a family trip today to a local amusement park where Eli felt up to going on a lot of rides. He had a big boost of energy and was up and about all day going from ride to ride. On the way home we stopped off to eat dinner and Eli ate a lot more then he has in a while. I can’t say it stayed down very long but the effort was there and as long as he keeps heading in the right direction that’s a good thing.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel. On Sunday night IYH starts the next round of immunotherapy.

2 thoughts on “9/23/13

  1. Gila

    Dear Eli, I hope you get well soon, so I could play with you! How was the amusement park? Yesterday, I went to the zoo! I saw a huge white and black eagle, in a cage, of course! He was eating a tasty mouse- ewwww! Then I saw a orange and black tiger sleeping on a rock! It was beautiful. I also saw a bear cage, with a large eaten up bone on a rock. I saw a huge giraffe eating a leaf from a person’s hand. His tongue was black and long. My mother wanted to stay w the giraffes , there was a baby giraffe there! But Leba and I wanted to go buy a soda; it was so hot! Hope we can go to the zoo together some day to see the bears ( and not just the bones)! ; ) Your friend, Moshe Sacks

  2. Gila

    We are sayin your holy name Elimelech Ben Basya all day in shul til it breaks through the Heavens and goes straight to Hashem’s kisai hakavod – that’s how much we care about you guys! Love you

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